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Time for round 2! Kick-off event for Scaleup Launchad in Norrköping

The application for Scaleup Launchpad round 2 is now open! Last week, Norrköping Science Park hosted an exciting kick-off event to talk more about the program, marking the beginning of an innovative journey for companies across Sweden, Finland, and Estonia. 

The morning began with a warm welcome as entrepreneurs, industry experts, and stakeholders gathered at Norrköping Science Park. Darius Sarka, project leader at Norrköping Science Park, took the stage to share valuable insights into the Scaleup Launchpad program. He discussed the program's objectives, key features, and the benefits it offers to participating companies. A presentation providing a clear understanding of what to expect from Batch 2 of the program.

Testimonials Batch 1 - Signostium

One of the highlights of the event was a presentation by Magnus Sjögren from Signostium, a company from Batch 1 of Scaleup Launchpad. Magnus shared their journey and insights, offering valuable perspectives on how the program has helped them scale their business, get new perspectives, and achieve their goals.

The Scaleup Launchpad Program

Scaleup Launchpad is a cross-border growth program in the Central Baltic region designed to empower innovative companies to scale their businesses and expand into new markets. Through a series of workshops, mentorship sessions, and networking opportunities, participating companies gain the skills, knowledge, and support they need to accelerate their growth journey.

Application Now Open!

Following the kick-off event, applications for Batch 2 of Scaleup Launchpad are now officially open! SMEs interested in joining the program are encouraged to apply and take advantage of this unique opportunity to scale up their success, cross boarder. If you're ready to take your business to the next level, don't miss the chance to be part of Scaleup Launchpad Batch 2.

Save the Date

  • Application Period: April 5th - May 30th, 2024

  • Announcement of Selected Companies: June 2024

  • Program Kickoff: September 2024

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