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KrattWorks: Building drones as force multipliers for teams

Introducing Scaleup Launchpad program's last Estonian company - KrattWorks.

What is the core idea behind your company or product?


KrattWorks manufactures high-performance drones that are resistant to jamming, designed specifically for front-line operators. For example, reconnaissance drones equipped with wide-frequency band hopping radios and GNSS-free flight modes, aiding first responders and servicemen in gaining situational awareness in time-critical situations.


The other branch of our products are aerial target drones for air defense practice shooting.


All our products are utilized in high-pressure situations with numerous stress factors and uncertainties. Therefore, the quality of our technology must be flawless.

Ultimately, we aim to apply our technology and expertise from the defense sector to various civilian and private sectors, particularly focusing on security and mitigating natural crises. However, our solutions can also be beneficial in any context where surveillance and machine vision are advantageous.


How well do you know the Swedish and Finnish markets in your industry?

We are well acquainted with the markets in our industry, given their proximity to us, both geographically and culturally. This familiarity extends to facing the challenges in domestic and international security.

Why or how has your cooperation in Scaleup Launchpad been beneficial to you?


Valuable mentoring and insight have helped us grow our business and prepare for the next investment round.


What are your company’s aspirations from this venture, and does it foresee a market debut in Finland or Sweden?


At the moment we have not yet prioritized the Finnish or Swedish markets, as our focus today is on helping Ukraine.


We see that participating in Scaleup Launchpad takes us a step closer to entering these markets as well. As we work in a highly specific sector of drone technology, entering a new market is a demanding endeavour that cannot be rushed. 


How did the other companies in the project seem based on the initial introduction?


1 or 2 unicorns in the making.

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