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Solarstone - revolutionizing the solar energy sector

Introducing Scaleup Launchpad program's next Estonian company - Solarstone.

What is the core idea behind your company or product?

Our primary goal is to revolutionize the solar energy sector by making high-performance, building-integrated solar solutions both affordable and accessible to homeowners and businesses. By integrating cutting-edge technology with aesthetically pleasing designs, we are committed to fostering sustainable energy practices while ensuring financial viability for our clients.

How well do you know the Swedish and Finnish markets in your industry?

Quite aware of both. Sweden has been our second largest export market until today and we're working on our way to reach more clientele who are in renovation or new build, may it be C&I or residential - Solarstone applies to both. Since our launch in 2015, we've served over a thousand solar roofs all over Europe.

Why or how has your cooperation in Scaleup Launchpad been beneficial to you?

Participating in the Scaleup Launchpad has been beneficial, primarily through extensive networking opportunities, access to seasoned mentors, and a wealth of industry-specific knowledge. These resources have been instrumental in refining our strategic approach and enhancing our market insights, contributing to our overall growth trajectory.

What are your company’s aspirations from this venture, and does it foresee a market debut in Finland or Sweden?

We've gained more confidence regarding our past decisions about which markets to enter and how. Our aspiration remains the same - "Become the leading solar roof provider globally" and that includes the two aforementioned countries.

How did the other companies in the project seem based on the initial introduction? 

It's great to learn about ventures you never knew about before. Some of them established, have launched MVP or are still in the early idea stage - all of them focused on their mission and working for a better tomorrow. I can say it's an inspiring company of people. 

Read more about the company:

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