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Apply for Scaleup Launchpad!

Scaleup Launchpad programme is built around four themes essential for scaling your business - opening new markets, strategy, financials and people. It also helps you to connect it with cities Norrköping, Tampere and Tartu as implementation environments for products.

Scaleup Launchpad programme includes series of in person crossborder workshops, online trainings, 1to1 sparring with mentors, peer learning and offline/online networking sessions.


The overall length of the programme is about 10 months and the support is available for you during all that time. However, because we know you are busy with your business, the programme is planned not to take more than average few hours per week of your time.

Who can apply?

We are looking for

  • Companies founded after the 1st of July 2014 and in operation for at least one full fiscal year.

  • Companies that work on climate neutral smart city solutions.

  • Have a motivated and engaged core team, existing clients, and revenue.

  • Have raised at least one investment round (bootstrapped businesses are also accepted) and be looking to raise funds in the future.

  • Have a scalable business model and be located in the Central Baltic Region.

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