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Here you may find companies included in the Scaleup Launchpad -programme -23/-24.

Bercman logo

Established: 2016

Home country: Estonia

Revenue: 1,7 M€

Bercman Technologies specializes in creating and selling smart living environment and mobility solutions, and also offering advanced software and hardware engineering services, prototyping, and technology product development. Through collaborations with clients and partners, we launch innovative smart products and resolve technical challenges.

Buildie logo.png

Established: 2015

Home country: Finland

Revenue: 2,1 M€ (2022)

Buildie is a quality management tool for infrastructure projects. It ensures that everything is built to high standards from beginning to end. We offer a mobile app that simplifies job site documentation, making it efficient for workers and allowing managers to monitor progress remotely. Our main customers are public organizations in Finland responsible for infrastructure development.

We're recognized as the leading company in Finland for ensuring high-quality infrastructure construction. Our tool is used by over 120 businesses throughout the country. We are aiming to expand our presence in the Nordic region. In 2022, our revenue was €2.1 million. We employ over 30 specialists in sales, product development, and construction.

Desquare logo.jpg

Established: 2018

Home country: Sweden

Revenue: 336 K€ (2022)

Today people exchange digital information with ease as part of the modern way of living, using personal connected devices. But digital information in the physical space is years behind in usability for a tech layman, hence digital signage is still not accessible for many companies around the world.

For that reason Desquare is developing Designage, a highly functional cloud platform to make digital signage accessible, easy to install and use, targeting Generation Z entrepreneurs that values good software functionality with focus on content before tech

Kemion logo.JPG

Established: 2013

Home country: Finland

Revenue: 2,7 M€ (2022)

Kemion solves the environmental and corrosion problems related to road salting by supplying its customers with anti-slip and de-icing agents that are biodegradable and less damaging to materials.

In addition, Kemion improves the quality of breathing air and reduces the loss of valuable products by supplying its customers with efficient and environmentally friendly dust binding agents.

Krattworks logo.png

Established: 2018

Home country: Estonia

Revenue: 256 K€ (2022)

KrattWorks helps firefighters, first responders, police and the defence units to gain fast situational awareness in situations where every second counts. We do that by using machine vision on-board the drone to automatically detection the location of humans, cars and landscape fire. We then stream this data in real time to the control room over GSM networks and integrate this with other available information such as satellite imagery, weather forecast, landscape elevation model etc.

PowerUp Logo.JPG

Established: 2016

Home country: Estonia

Revenue: 82 K€ (2022)

PowerUP is aiming to replace polluting, heavy and noisy diesel generators with sustainable, environmentally friendly, quiet and portable hydrogen fuel cell based smart electric generators. Our green energy solutions will also help extend the capacity of batteries and allow our customers to use a fuel cell- battery hybrid system where batteries alone are not enough. 

Signostium logo

Established: 2022

Home country: Sweden

Revenue: 24 K€ (2022)

Today's signage is a manual work thay must be performed by a staff, it is often not in sync with the actual move but can come up days or weeks after moving in, and then hopefully information is mispelled. 

Signostium has developed a digital signage solution that is completely free of cabling and has virtually eternal life. The screen is an e-paper svreen that always shows up to date information and only draws energy when it updates. The unit is charged by the energy emittes by indoor lightning in buildings, which is temporarily stored in environmentally fiendly energy storage cells.

Solarstone logo.png

Established: 2015

Home country: Estonia

Revenue: 2,4 M€ (2022)

Solarstone is reducing material consumption on building or renovating roofs by enabling 50% construction material savings compared to regular roof material + solar panel combination.

UDT Logo.png

Established: 2021

Home country: Finland

UDT Technologies is a transit ecosystem company based on a suspended track, stations and station services. We enable efficient transit of people and goods by means of integrating city-service providers. Our core is on the transit platform.

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