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Bercman Technologies keeps pedestrians safe at unregulated crosswalks

Introducing Scaleup Launchpad program's second to last Estonian company - Bercman Technologies.

Bercman's Smart Pedestrian Crosswalk

What is the core idea behind your company or product?

Bercman Technologies offers development services, proprietary products, and comprehensive technological solutions. We offer our clients comprehensive partnerships that cover the whole process of development, certification, and manufacturing, tailored to their needs. On the product side, we specialize in Smart City solutions. Our key product is the Smart Pedestrian Crosswalk, aimed at improving pedestrian safety at unregulated crosswalks.

How well do you know the Swedish and Finnish markets in your industry?

We have a few customers in the Finnish and Swedish markets for electronics development services. Since October 2023, we have had a local representative in Sweden to oversee both markets. The incorporation of local expertise into our team has enhanced our understanding of these markets and improved our presence, leading us to anticipate further progress in both areas. 

From the proprietary side, we have exported Smart Crosswalk solutions to 8 markets and installed 55 crosswalks so far. We are happy to say that at the end of 2023, we exported our first smart pedestrian crosswalk to Finland. However, we have not yet entered the Swedish market with our proprietary products.  

Why or how has your cooperation in Scaleup Launchpad been beneficial to you?

During the program, we have had the opportunity to concentrate on various business growth topics, such as entering new markets, strategic planning, finances, and preparing our team for growth. The program encouraged us to think deeply about these topics and related activities. Another benefit has been networking; we've connected with companies facing similar growth challenges and mentors who have provided feedback and suggestions for progress. There has been a wealth of knowledge sharing and events at conferences/business festivals, offering chances to meet potential customers or partners. The program has also helped us pinpoint topics that require further explanation and discussion within our team.

What are your company’s aspirations from this venture, and does it foresee a market debut in Finland or Sweden?

Growing in the Nordic market has been one of our focal points recently, and we are currently in discussions with various companies about providing development, certification, and manufacturing services in Sweden, Finland, and Norway. We are excited to see the interest in our development services competencies from potential clients and collaboration partners, which is very reassuring, and we look forward to expanding our client portfolio in the Scandinavian market very soon. 

We entered the Finnish market with our own products at the end of 2023, exporting our first smart pedestrian crosswalk to the city of Lahti. Additionally, we have made initial contacts with municipalities and transportation administrations in Sweden regarding the installation of smart pedestrian crosswalks. We hope this marks the beginning of our collaboration with smart city companies and local municipalities in the Finnish and Swedish markets.

How did the other companies in the project seem based on the initial introduction?

Engaging with other companies, mentors, and people from the science parks has been a valuable and positive experience, highlighted by their support and openness. Meeting at events has been a good addition to our current network, and we hope that the relationships established and contacts exchanged will provide new opportunities for cooperation in the future.

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