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Vigilant eyes directly on your construction site

Introducing Buildie: Revolutionizing Construction Quality Assurance Through Digitalization

An interview with CEO Taneli Ristmeri.

What is the core idea behind Buildie's product? Buildie is a cutting-edge tool designed to ensure the highest quality in infrastructure construction. This is achieved by digitalizing construction supervision and all facets of site documentation. In essence, when you invest in Buildie, you're installing vigilant eyes directly on your construction site.

Buildie offers rapid photographic documentation, worksite diaries, document management, reports, MVR measurements, and task management.

How can a partnership with Scaleup Launchpad be advantageous for Buildie? The most alluring aspect of the Nordic Launchpad project for Buildie is the local assistance it brings, enabling swift penetration and testing of target markets. This neutral platform promises not just market familiarity but also avenues to foster robust customer relations and a better understanding of local industry and market nuances.

How familiar is Buildie with the Swedish and Estonian markets in their sector?

While Buildie's insight into the Estonian market might be in its infancy, there's been significant groundwork laid in understanding the Swedish market dynamics. The company is keen on collaborating with like-minded stakeholders in these regions to explore potential synergies and identify areas of mutual growth.

Using non-European cloud services in Sweden is limited and we want precise information on this matter. I believe that now we have the opportunity to find a network with which we can get more in-depth information about this challenge through cooperation.

Estonia as a market area has not been such a high priority for us. However, construction practices there are so close to Finnish that it makes Estonia a potential market. This is the smartest way for us to get to know that target market.

What are Buildie's aspirations from this venture, and does it foresee a market debut in Estonia or Sweden?

Buildie is optimistic about harnessing the collective expertise of the project network to carve out niches in both the Estonian and Swedish markets. Without this program, Buildie would not have made this introduction to the Estonian market. Breakthroughs can even come from there.

Upon initial interactions, what are Buildie's impressions of the other project participants? Diverse, intriguing, and rife with potential. Buildie appreciates the varied spectrum of businesses partaking in the initiative. While some companies resonate more directly with Buildie's domain, others present opportunities for unexpected yet rewarding collaborations.

Buildie is proud to be a part of this collaborative initiative, alongside other groundbreaking companies.

For example, I didn't know Kemion at all, but we have a lot in common, interests and desires to grow.

I haven't had time to get to know the companies in Tartu and Norrköping very much yet, but with this program I will do so. The program offers the opportunity to make some kind of barter with information. How profitable it is to manage things in Sweden, for example, and an understanding of the market in general.

Buildie is one of three companies from the Business Tampere area participating in the development program. We present all participating companies in the blogs.

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