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Paving the Way for a New Era in Urban Transportation

Updated: Jan 11

Introducing UDT Technologies: An Interview with Innovation Director, Jussi Niemioja

What is the core idea of company: Transforming Urban Mobility

UDT Technologies has developed an innovative solution that enables a sustainable and fully electric transportation system in cities. Our goal is to create an environment where goods and people move parallel efficiently and in a climate-neutral way. Our versatile solution brings vitality, improves accessibility, and enhances the attractiveness of urban areas by offering a cost-effective and environmentally friendly alternative to traditional modes of transportation.

"Our goal is to create an environment where goods and people move side by side efficiently and in a climate-neutral way".

Digitalization, decarbonization, and automated movement are megatrends shaping the future of transportation. Our solution leverages these trends, offering an efficient and eco-friendly option for urban mobility.

The air rail network can connect areas between tram and main bus lines in a novel way, enabling access to travel chains and services for a broader population


How can a partnership with Scaleup Launchpad be advantageous

Our participation in the Scaleup Launchpad program has been a step forward in our company's development. The mentoring before the Slush event, in particular, was invaluable. The advice given by Ivo Remmelg has reinforced our intuition and helped sharpen our corporate messaging, especially his emphasis on using layman's terms and simplification.


How familiar is UDT with the Swedish and Estonian markets? 

Although we are not yet strongly present in the Swedish and Estonian markets, we have identified potential there. For example, there has been an advanced project in the city administration of Uppsala that matches our innovations.

Similarly, solutions like the one at Heathrow Airport for moving between terminals and other infrastructure, and in India, where there is a focus on moving people and goods above ground level, are akin to our vision, reflects Jussi Niemioja, our Innovation Director.


Project Goals and Market Entry

Through the project, we aim to find pilot partnerships, which could be in Sweden or Estonia, involving municipalities or companies. These pilots are crucial as we test and apply our versatile transportation systems in practice. It's important for our future clients to see functioning solutions that can be scaled to their needs.


Impressions of Other Project Participants?

From the beginning of the project, we noticed that the other participating companies were diverse and promising. While not all are directly related to our field, we believe that surprising and innovative ideas and solutions to our challenges can be found. The strength and reputation of the network are key factors in successful collaboration.

UDT Technologies is one of three companies from the Business Tampere area participating in the development program. We present all participating companies in the blogs.

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