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Desquare: A way to democratize digital signage

Updated: Oct 16, 2023

Introducing Desquare: Creating smart designage, through an innovative cloud subscription service.

An interview with founder Peter Brauer.

Tell the core idea of your company's product

Desquare has set out to democratize digital signage with our cloud platform

Designage, a hardware agnostic, easy to use yet powerful service for publishing

and managing digital content in the physical space. Our goal is to make digital

signage accessible for anyone everywhere, especially targeting modern

companies driven by entrepreneurs and business leaders of Generation Z.

Why or how could cooperation in Scaleup Launchpad be beneficial to you?

The current challenges we’re facing right now is internationalization which in

turn requires funding. With Scaleup Launchpad we’re hoping to get the support

and connections to make our company ready to face and overcome these


In addition, cooperation with the peers in the program is valuable. Not only

because of most startups and scaleups are facing similar problems, but also

from the perspective that we’re of different nationalities and what insights that

might give.

How well do you know the Estonian and Finnish markets in your


We’re very aware of the Swedish market as that is our home arena and do have

a lot of customers here. Some of our customers have subsidiaries in both

Finland and Estonia, hence we do have presence. One of the main insights we

experienced is that the markets is similar, but the decision process are shorter

and way more pragmatic than the Swedes in general.

What do you expect from the project? -> Can the result be the opening of

the market to Estonia or Finland?

I really hope that the project can help us find one or more channels to the

market in Finland and Estonia, along with opportunities to raise the needed

capital, which can kickstart our internationalization journey.

How did the other companies in the project seem based on the initial


Most of the other peer companies seem to face similar challenges as we do,

even though some has come a bit further in that process. It’s very inspiring to

be part of this program along with other professionals, and not the least meet

with the experienced coaches.

We’re looking forward to being part of the project over the next couple of month,

and are excited about what’s coming.

Desquare is one of three companies from the Norrköping Science Park area participating in the development program. We present all participating companies in the blogs.

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