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Cleaner tomorrow with PowerUP Energy Technologies

Introducing PowerUP from Estonia which is developing and producing high-quality and sustainable energy generation products.

1.      What is the core idea behind your company or product?

PowerUP Energy Technologies was created to enhance sustainability and reliability in the energy sector. With the vision of a cleaner tomorrow in mind, PowerUP develops and produces high-quality and sustainable energy generation products. With more than 20 years of experience in fuel cell technology, we are an innovator in the fuel cell technology market. Our UP series generators and battery capacity extenders are user-friendly and safe electrical power sources that provide entirely green electricity for home users or businesses.

2.      How well do you know the Swedish and Finnish markets in your industry?

Finland and Sweden are some of PowerUP’s primary target markets, where we have partnered with several distributors who sell our products in their niche. However, given the market-agnostic nature of our products, we are continually exploring new opportunities for collaboration. This pursuit aims to facilitate the launch of further pilots in Finland and Sweden.

3.      Why or how has your cooperation in Scaleup Launchpad been beneficial to you?

The Scaleup Launchpad project has proven immensely advantageous for PowerUP, providing invaluable local support in our target markets and delivering flexible mentorship tailored to our specific needs. For instance, when we commenced the program in September 2023, manufacturing was one of PowerUP's primary focus areas. Thanks to the Scaleup Launchpad, we were connected with the perfect mentor, although not on the initial mentor list, who provided valuable guidance along the way. 

4.      What are your company’s aspirations from this venture, and does it foresee a market debut in Finland or Sweden?

Hardware-based startups, like PowerUP, embrace distinctive challenges that come with innovation. Through the valuable mentorship, industry insights, and expansive network provided by Scaleup Launchpad, we see this as a crucial opportunity to gracefully navigate and scale our business into Sweden and Finland.

5.      What is your impression of other project participants?

Although we haven’t had a chance to thoroughly acquaint ourselves with the other companies participating in this program, the first impression is utterly positive. Engaging with certain companies, such as Solarstone, through the program presents intriguing prospects for collaboration. Pairing solar energy with hydrogen technology can create a reliable, flexible, and sustainable energy system that can change the way we power our lives. 

We are looking forward to meeting other project participants to exchange knowledge and investigate possible areas of collaboration.

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