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Third and final workshop for the Batch 1 companies, in Tampere Finland!

This week, Tampere was filled with energy as we gathered for a three-day Scaleup Launchpad Workshop focused on international growth. With sessions led by experts, networking opportunities, and insights into the future of business, the workshop days provided a comprehensive roadmap for scaling up with insight into communication, company boards, and innovation in international business. Here’s a recap of the highlights from each day.

Welcome to Tampere, Finland!

The week began with a delightful evening at Restaurant Näsinneula. This iconic location provided the perfect setting for a relaxed dinner, allowing participants to acclimate and network in a friendly atmosphere. The panoramic views of Tampere set a promising tone for the days ahead.

Day 2: International Communication and Company Board Strategy

The second day kicked off at Startup Hub Platform6, a vibrant center of entrepreneurial activity. Jenni Rajahalme led the morning session, focusing on cooperation and communication within international teams, as well as strategies for preparing companies for global markets. Her insights were invaluable for participants aiming to scale their businesses beyond local boundaries.

Ilkka Kaikuvuo followed with an engaging discussion on the role of company boards in supporting international growth. His practical advice highlighted the importance of strategic governance in navigating the complexities of global expansion.

After a networking lunch, we visited the Startup Tampere Showcase 2024, where we explored and networked with emerging startups from the Tampere area. The day concluded with the Urban Imaginarium Afterwork, an informal gathering that allowed for further networking and idea exchange in a relaxed setting.

Day 3: Innovative International Business and Metaverse

The final day commenced with Jukka Järvinen's session on management and innovative cooperation networks in international business. Drawing from his personal experiences, Järvinen offered a wealth of knowledge on leading global ventures and fostering collaborative ecosystems.

During the afternoon the scale-up companies had individual meetings with relevant stakeholders from the Finish market. Afterward, we had the opportunity to visit the "Imagine the Metaverse 2024" event. Where Dr. Marwan Al Zarouni and Anita Kalergis delved into the potential of AI, blockchain, and cryptocurrencies in promoting digital equality in the Metaverse. Their forward-thinking perspectives were complemented by Alma's presentation on "Innovation in IP: Redefining Storytelling Through Film and Game," which showcased how intellectual property can drive creative industries in the digital age.

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