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Empowering Residents: Signostium's self-sufficient Next-Gen Apartment Signs

Updated: Sep 18, 2023

An interview with Magnus Sjögren Co-founder of Signostium.

Tell us about the core idea behind your company's product.

Signostium's services reduce administrative costs and lower environmental impact for property owners by digitizing nameplates on doors and entrance signs in multi-family or commercial buildings. The system automatically links the contract name to the name on the door, eliminating the need for administrative staff or field technicians to manage this.

How could collaboration with Scaleup Launchpad benefit your company?

In the initial phase, we are strategically targeting the Nordic and Baltic property markets while seeking development and production partners in our vicinity. Scaleup Launchpad provides us with a broad network and a deeper understanding of business relationships in neighboring countries.

How well-acquainted are you with the Finnish and Estonian markets in your industry?

We are aware that there are both similarities and differences in how the property markets are structured. For instance, both Sweden and Finland have large municipal property companies, whereas the Baltic states are predominantly served by commercial players. Our offering is suitable for both private and municipal companies.

What are your expectations from this project, and could it potentially lead to market entry in Estonia or Finland?

With the support of the project network, we expect to find avenues into both the Finnish and Estonian markets. Additionally, we may identify potential collaboration partners to scale our production to the next level.

Based on the initial introduction, how did the other companies in the project appear to you?

It's always interesting and rewarding to gain insight into other companies and their operations. Some companies are closer to what we do, while others work in entirely different areas; however, there may still be mutually interesting points of connection.

Signostium is one of three companies from the Norrköping Science Park area participating in the development program. We present all participating companies in the blogs.

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