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On a Misson to Scale Up! The Cross-Border Event in Norrköping

During November we hosted a 4 day event in Norrköping, Sweden, for the Scaleup Launchpad project companies. It was a fruitful couple of days on the theme ”strategy”. This collaborative initiative provided a unique platform for companies to showcase and discuss their strategic visions.

The event kicked off with cultural anthropologist, Anna Starrin, known as “Robot-Anna,” delivering an engaging keynote speech, exploring the ”Innovation paradox” and sharing 8 key factors for innovation success. Following the keynote, companies participated in an interactive workshop led by Mia Wahlström inspired by theses 8 factors, translating theory into practical understanding.

I the afternoon continued with the companies taking the spotlight to pitch their strategies, fostering a dynamic exchange of ideas and sincere dialoge about struggles. A Panel discussion with represenatativse from Norrköping municipality, Tartu municipality & Vialumina gave us interesting mini in whats important for the cities and much more Companies also engaged in personalized 1-to-1 talks with key stakeholders, laying the groundwork for potential collaborations.

We also had the time to partake in the big ”Innovation day” here in Norrköping and made a visit to the Visualization Center concluding with a delightful dinner that facilitated informal networking and camaraderie.

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